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Crimson Aria

Final Fantasy VII Before Crisis roleplay

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Original Art (C) Tetsuya Nomura; banner by continuum.

Six years before Cloud teamed up with AVALANCHE to take down Shin-Ra, there was Before Crisis. Following the tale of this story about the Turks and the original members of AVALANCHE, both the canon missions and original member-created missions will take place, wherein characters are given a chance to weave a much deeper story than the script itself reveals, all the way to the end where, depending on the players, one crucial question may or may not be answered: What caused the abrupt disappearance of the six rookie Turks?

Crimson Aria is a Before Crisis roleplaying community. The roleplay follows both Before Crisis' canon missions and original member-created missions. It covers both AVALANCE and The Turks with an admitted focus on the Turks, mostly because of them being the ones with the most information known about them, and also occasionally edges into SOLDIER. Original Characters (OCs) are not being allowed currently though will possibly be accepted later. Roleplaying takes place not only in the community itself, but also via MSN Messenger and optionally IC journals. The canon missions are kept as they are in the game, but characters who weren't necessarily mentioned in the original script also take part.

crimsonaria_ooc is the OOC community.


Rules, rules, rules...


- Do not spam. Period. While verudo (amandaw) isn't as much of a stoic bastard as the character she plays, she will not refrain from going Mideel on your ass.

Spam is: Community promotions, unrelated icon posts, bitching about other people publicly (This will result in a two-day suspension, during which verudo will take hold of your character if need be), quizzes, or "I'm bored, entertain me" posts.

- Common sense is required to post OOC... This should be fairly obvious. ;P Profanity should be kept to a reasonable minimum, but it's doubtful verudo will get on your ass for it. Do not use sexual slang at any time, this including but not limited to, the infamous f-word.

- IC

-All community roleplay is in the third person. Tenses vary depending on situation. IM RPG will be third person present tense.


-To apply for any character, you must write a drabble or a short involving them; for original characters, it must be a short and you must also include a biography (a short one, please. :3)*

--Characters that make appearances infrequently or only once can be claimed, for that chapter only, by an already-existing member. Otherwise, verudo or another mod will play them.--

-Do not give characters who do not have given last names original last names.

-- Even Veld is just Veld; it is generally accepted among fandom that Turks drop their last names. And no one can agree on them anyway. :3

-Applying for a nameless Turk:

-- You do not need to be recommended or request this special. You may chose any reasonable name as you wish, using either the Gunshot Romance names or your own choice, unless you wish to play the blond-haired gun female: As verudo is an anal-retentive bastard, her name must be Rosalind. ;3

--- Follow the Gunshot Romance speech pattern and personality guides carefully.

---- No overly original back-stories. It's best when these things are ambiguous, anyway.

---- Please note that not all characters show up right away. You may have to wait several chapters to get a roleplay in edgewise. As going in it is assumed you've read all of Gunshot Romance's scripts, it is left to you to know when you can start roleplaying. (This applies only to 'Cyr' and 'Durman'.)
----- As only on person can be played at time in the real game, the starter characters will be playing as a team... With exceptions, as in the section of the chapter when you stalk Rude. verudo or another maintainer/mod will make this clear when the chapter starts, and if you're not sure, feel free to ask!


On Profanity: We're not really worried about this. But keep it real, will you please...? Reno is a pottymouth. Rude is not, nor is Tseng, Hojo, or even Elfe. No random profanity, and--no sexual slang, though the f-word is allowed in moderation.

-Please make it clear when posting an OOC note within your post. This may only be done at the start or finish of a post.

-Do not auto unless it is in the original script. That is, do not manipulate other people's characters without permission. It's annoying and can cause problems. You may ask permission to auto someone else, however.

-You are not to bitch if in the real game something bad happens to the character. (This is mostly aimed at verudo herself, who hopes prays and wishes in vain that Veld lives through Before Crisis, but knows he really can't. =P Silly fangirl.)

-At least two paragraphs per IC post, please.

-Use spellcheck, but do not copy your posts directly out of Word, as it results in odd characters.

-If your desired character shows up infrequently, you may use a second, preferably a character that can't be used as a main character because they show up in only a few missions/once or very infrequently and would not be involved in any way that isn't mentioned in the actual game. (I.e., Cloud, Zack, Sebastian...)

-More characters will become available as time goes on, I'm sure.

-Use the proper Western spellings for names; I don't want to see any "Zax"-s, "Lucretia"-s or "Aerith"-s. It doesn't make you a cooler fan, dears.
-Pairings. Please, do not create totally new pairings that are not even hinted at in the game. It bothers some people, and I don't want fights started over it. Canon pairings however, are totally allowed.
-Sex. Canon/semi-canon only. Behind a cut, with a warning. The only real limits are: 1)No overly explicit wording, and 2)No bodily fluids.
-Otherwise, the rating of this RPG should be roughly PG-14.

Specific to this RPG:

-Don't bug verudo, turkish_crimson--or anyone else, in their personal journals.

-Posting in your IC journal is not required, but... It's fun as a more casual way to role-play, and you'll win cool points with one Veld fangirl...

-When you are accepted, you must post in the main journal using your assigned portrait icon. It makes things easier, and it must be set as default on your profile. In comments and the personal journal, you may use any icon you want as long as it is related to that character, and not specific to Advent Children or FFVII as opposed to Before Crisis.
-You must credit images taken from doujinshi that you are using as icons. No exceptions.

-You must have read all of Gunshot Romance's translated scripts, or you must be actually playing Before Crisis. It will make things smoother.

Ready to join?

-Fill out this application:

-Post to the OOC journal under the title "Application"

-Wait a bit. verudo is a busy girl as are the mods.

-Eventually, she'll come around to check things out. You don't have to be an extreme l33t writer by any stretch, but competence and quality -are- requirements. :3

-If rejected you may re-apply in two months. Don't get mad if you get rejected. It's definitely for a reason.
-Normal members are not to comment on applications until they are accepted.

Character List


Veld: verudo/amandaw

Tseng: zeng_/hane (Temporary)

Reno: turkish_crimson/continuum *-mod-*

Rude: rude_er/lao_hu

Angela (Female shotgun): arian_huntress/hsorceress

Rosalind (Female handgun): gunsight/elvaron

Cyr (Female fists): turk_cyr/evocates

Saint (Male EMR rod): saint_the_turk/karose

Rafe (Male two guns): doublegunshot/firestorm717

Male fists:

Administrative - Shin-ra Inc.:

President Shinra Sr.:

Vice-president Rufus Shinra: crisis_control/elvaron

Reeve Tuesti : lord_tuesti/evocates

Heidegger: __heidegger/karose



Elfe : erufue/amandaw


Fuhito: fuhito/amandaw (temp., hopefully...)


Sephiroth: 01_one_man_army/hane (Also plays Zack)

Questions? Wanna be a mod? Feel free to contact verudo either by poking her in her journal--not her personal one, mind,-- or emailing at