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Rufus Shinra [userpic]
Parties, contd
by Rufus Shinra (crisis_control)
at January 22nd, 2006 (09:18 pm)
Feelings on this:: drunk

[OOC: Started up a new log because the other thread disappeared off my f-list]

The need for air was getting overwhelming.

Rufus staggered away from Scarlet's very drunken attempts to get one arm around his shoulders and another down his pants, banged his leg painfully against the table, split punch down his jacket, and figured that a strategic retreat was called for. Perhaps he would even return to his room for reinforcements. No one, however drunk, messed with one large panther, black, fully equiped with enough jaw strength to crush bone. And tentacles. Two tentacles.

Abandoning the now empty glass, he staggered towards the doors of the ballroom, wondering why the world seemed to insist on listing slightly to the right. Surely it wasn't because the room had been built on a slope. He'd have been... notified if it was. He'd have to take the Head of Building Administration to task very seriously about allowed sinkage to this extent.

No wait.

He paused just outside the doors, shaking his head violently as his senses caught up rather belatedly with him. How many glasses of punch had he drunk? It had been one. Then another when he'd talked to Reeve's secretary. And another when Heidegger had started telling his... jokes. And... oh gods.

He groaned as he dimly recalled several more in between that one and the one he had split. Well, maybe he simply wouldn't be back. After all, it wasn't as if anyone would miss him--

--the world listed again, and sharply, and he stumbled, lost his balance and staggered into the wall. Except that there was a Turk in the way.

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Posted by: 01_one_man_army (01_one_man_army)
Posted at: January 30th, 2006 04:56 am (UTC)

Upon entrance into the outer room, Sephiroth had certainly not been expected to hear several crashes along with an abrupt assault by---a cat.

A very big cat with very sharp teeth. And tentacles.

He eyed the cat. The cat eyed him, and growled. Sephiroth was tempted to do the same right back.

“I’m not going to argue with you,” he said aloud instead.

The cat made a peculiar yowling sound. A few moments later her fur rippled and smoothed down, and she sat back on her sleek haunches, regarding him with her unblinking feline gaze and periodically sniffing the air.

There was some strange thing about Sephiroth’s presence around animals, they’d discovered, that either pacified or drove them wild. The scientists had given some vague explanation about the sheer amount of mako in Sephiroth’s body causing strange reactions in living things that could sense it. Zack expounded a crazy theory that predators recognized predators, either as threat or no-threat, which didn’t at all explain why every chocobo Sephiroth had ever encountered had felt the need to snatch at his hair with their beaks.

That’s just because of the shiny, Zack had said, tugging on a handful.

I know that explains yourfascination, Darklighter, but I was talking about the birds.

Har har, sir.

Sephiroth folded his arms. “May I go in, now?”

The cat lifted a paw and began to wash, ignoring him completely. He took that as a positive sign and strode forward.

….what was not a positive sign was the pistol wavering above the edge of an overturned couch. Instinct whispered and he turned his head. A neat hole appeared in the wall just beyond his right ear, sizzling and its edge faintly blackened.

Good aim for an inebriated child, he observed. Or else it was a fluke.

“My apologies for disturbing you, Rufus,” he said mildly to the impromptu couch fortress, pretending that this wasn’t completely ridiculous and All Zack’s Fault. “However, I would appreciate it if you did not try to shoot me again. It would seem to be very hard on your decor.”

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